Would you like to launch your very own Mastermind Group, adding a profitable revenue stream and boosting your personal income in the process?
So, you want to launch a Mastermind group?

Smart move.

There's zero doubt that Mastermind groups are a powerful and proven way to deliver exceptional value, whilst maximising your time AND making money.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to launch a Mastermind, and the success of your group will be down to the action you take along the way.

That's why I've put together a step-by-step system for you to follow that ensures your launch process is successful, and that the Mastermind you run works seamlessly for both you and your members.

In my system, you'll see every single stage of the process mapped out for you, including the emails you need to send to generate members for your mastermind, your telephone call strategy to close your prospects and the pricing strategy you need to make it a worthwhile, profitable venture.

Why launch a Mastermind?
If you're reading this, you're most likely already convinced of the value of running a Mastermind, and for good reason – there are many good reasons to launch a Mastermind.

But here are two biggest ones:

  • Move from draining and tiring 1:1 coaching and consulting, freeing up DAYS of your time that you can spend doing the things important to you, and spending time with your loved ones; and
  • Dramatically increase your income, by servicing multiple clients at the same time, and growing your 'per hour' fee as a result.
Nick Jervis. Author Of The Mastermind Group Blueprint.
"The Nick Jervis Mastermind Group Blueprint is a must have for anyone thinking about creating their own mastermind group.

Nick's blueprint provided me with the step by step process for setting up my mastermind group, The Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator Mastermind, and saved me days if not weeks of valuable time.

Thank you Nick!"

Derek Doke, CCIM

Real Estate Investment Specialist

Derek Doke
The Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator Mastermind
Greater Seattle area
What impact can a Mastermind have on my income?
Have a look at the table below.

By assuming a $750 a month membership (I've seen groups that charge a lot more, but the figure works as a starter for 10), and deciding how many members you'd like in your group, you can quickly see the impact a Mastermind group will have on your income:

This really is the go to guide if you're thinking of starting a Mastermind Group. It really focuses on best practice to deliver the best possible results for both client and mentor. The guide is eminently practical too, no waffle just clear instructions on how to get your group started in the fastest possible time.

I've been part of mastermind groups in the past and how I wish they would have been run like this. Now I'm starting my own mastermind group I have a definitive template to work from which will save me so much time.

I would also take the option to work with Nick as he will help you drill down and define your exact target audience so you get more delegates sooner matching your skill set and your industry knowledge. The best value item I've bought this year, can't wait to get started.

Phillip Reynolds, Founder & Director, Oak Innovation Limited
Is there anything else you could do in your business to add that income into your business for a maximum of 12 days of your time each year?

If there is, I'd love to know, because in my experience, there's very little in the world of coaching and consulting that can have that significant an impact on turnover, without requiring the commitment of many more days a year.

With a Mastermind group, it really is win-win – more income, which allows you to improve your lifestyle, and provide for your family, and more time, which means you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love.

I've been running my consultancy business for nearly 20 years now, and I still haven't come across anything better than a Mastermind group for dramatically increasing income whilst still protecting your time.

"The Mastermind Principle:

Two or more people actively involved in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force."

Napoleon Hill - Author of the seminal book on Mastermind Groups

"I cannot think of a single thing to improve this incredibly comprehensive Mastermind Group Blueprint."
Chris Kenber Business Coach
How the Mastermind Group Blueprint will help you set up, grow and profit from your very own Mastermind:
The blueprint includes everything that you need to successfully launch a Mastermind Group, including all of the following:
  • How to name your Mastermind Group to dramatically increase take up on launch.
  • How to determine the correct pricing strategy for your Mastermind Group so that it works for you and your members.
  • Your Mastermind Group Launch Process Diary – the complete time frame from the date you decide to launch a Mastermind Group right through to your first Mastermind Day!
  • How to sell your first one or two Mastermind Group places the easy way which then makes selling the remaining spaces a cinch.
  • The email launch sequence that fills your diary with people eager to learn more about your Mastermind Group. You'll get 10 email templates to use during your launch process.
  • The Suitability Call which makes your prospects eager to join your Mastermind Group without you having to do any selling.
  • The Mastermind Group Perfect Day Formula showing you precisely how to run your day for maximum impact for your members.
  • The very important 'Between Days Formula' to ensure that your members come back every time eager to participate and stay with you much longer than the original year.
"The Mastermind Blueprint by Nick is a great tool for entrepreneurs such as myself looking to venture in that direction.

Nick breaks the process down into pieces of advice, guides you through the multiple layers involved in launching your own Mastermind concept, and provides hands-on advice and activities which help Entrepreneurs to visualize their future group and organize their thoughts.

As Nick is a successful entrepreneur with first-hand experience in having launched successfully his own mastermind group, this Blueprint is dynamite, he knows exactly which questions will pop into the readers' minds and the sorts of issues which these budding entrepreneurs might make if they just dive into it immediately."
Who am I and why should you listen to me?
You might be wondering why you should listen to me, so let me explain.
I'm Nick Jervis, and I've been helping my clients grow their businesses for nearly two decades.

And over the years, I've seen firsthand just how powerful Mastermind groups are.

I've run numerous for my own business and been a member of many other people's Mastermind groups too, which means I've got a huge amount of experience in what it takes to launch, run and grow a successful group.

Marketing is my thing, and I've been involved in several successful Mastermind launches, generating hundreds of thousands of pounds in income and helping my clients achieve fantastic work/life balance at the same time.

And Mastermind isn't just something I've "sold" – I've been a member of multiple groups over the years, and am currently in two Masterminds; I truly believe in the power of process.

I've seen firsthand how a Mastermind group can transform businesses; it's happened with my own business, as well as the clients in my own groups.

Nothing catapults an average performer into an exceptional performer better than a group of business peers who listen to your commitments every month and expect you to have undertaken them before the next meeting.

Nick's Mastermind Group Blueprint is a game changer.

I have actually set up and run mastermind groups before using the "make it up as you go along" approach.

It worked OK for the first couple of small groups I set up as I had a group of clients that I already had a relationship with.

Now that I am looking to expand this to a wider audience the blueprint is proving invaluable as Nick has laid out everything for me to simply follow.

I now use his email templates, agenda for the day, benefits of joining a group, brochure / flyer templates, and pricing model!

In fact it's like painting by numbers now and I only wish I had started using it a lot sooner.

Thanks Nick"
Adam Butler – Private Boardroom

Mastermind Group membership enabled me to launch my first marketing book and to DOUBLE my turnover.
What will your Mastermind Group do for your members?

Sadly, the answer is nothing UNLESS and UNTIL you launch it.

If you're reading this, it's because you're interested in launching a Mastermind group but you haven't yet taken the plunge.

And I understand why. It can be daunting, and you might not know exactly what to do at each stage, and that's where the Blueprint comes in, guiding you through the entire process.
Your Investment

How much would you pay to discover exactly what you need to do to add $50,000 per annum to your business turnover?

10% would seem like a pretty fair investment, would it not, particularly as Mastermind revenue is usually exceptionally high margin.

If I offered most business owners the chance to give me $5,000 in order to generate $50,000 per annum, they'd bite my arm off, and that's how valuable this Blueprint is.

But the good news is that it's not going to cost you $5,000, or anything close to that.

The Mastermind Group Model Blueprint is available for a fraction of that price IF YOU TAKE ACTION TODAY.

I don't want price to be a barrier in the way you of you taking action here, and I want to ensure that you do actually launch your Mastermind and hugely increase your income and profitability, as well as enjoying your business more.

So, I make this special offer to you in the sincere hope that you take action and see the results that you are looking for.

In the table below, you'll see exactly what you're getting – for under $50, you'll get all of the information you need to launch your group, and for under $300, you'll have me mentoring and coaching you through an online private mentoring thread just for you and me.

Expect fast action – invest in the Mastermind Group Model Blueprint today, get paid by your first client in as little as 14 days, host your first meeting in 42 days.
I don't hang around. I don't want this Blueprint to be something else you haven't taken action on, which is why it's designed to make it easy for you to take action quickly. And when you opt for private online mentoring with me, I'll make certain that things move forward at a rate of knots.
Zero risk – your investment is completely guaranteed
I've poured years of experience into this guide.

I know it works, and I know that every scrap of information in it, every instruction, every template is proven to work.

However, I don't want anything to stop you taking action, which is why I'm happy to guarantee your investment.

Invest in the guide, and if in the following 30 days you decide that it doesn't represent value for money, I'll refund you every penny.

Decision Time
You've landed on this page because you want to launch a Mastermind group.

But the action you take now will determine whether your group is likely to be a success.

Will you keep scrolling around, accessing information about Masterminds, but never truly taking the plunge and getting your group launched?

Or will you accept my offer, secure your Blueprint today and make rapid action towards a new profitable revenue stream that provides more fun and more profit, and gives you more time back in your life?

If it's the latter, you need to click the button now – when you do I'll be in touch to deliver your guide, and if you've opted for mentoring, you'll instantly receive access to your private one to one mentoring thread so that I can help you as you work through all parts of the guide to ensure that you make your Mastermind Group as successful as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get your group launched....

Who am I and why should listen to me?


The Comprehensive Mastermind Group Blueprint showing you all that you need to know:

How to determine the size of your group

Pricing your group for maximum income benefits

How to guarantee you launch your group and make it a success

Your complete time frame from the day you buy this guide to the day you host your first meeting

Your full launch process including your sales emails

Your  Private One:One Mentoring Room With Me To Let Me Mentor You Through The Entire Process For Three Months From The Day You Buy



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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I know this guide is of the highest quality and will help you to launch your Mastermind Group the right way, profitably and successfully, so I am more than happy to Guarantee it if it ensures that you do not miss this chance to buy it now!
P.S. This Internet-Only Introductory low price of only $29.99 is part of a market test I'm conducting. The Mastermind Group Blueprint usually sells for $99. Once I've completed my market test, I know I'll be raising the price. So if you're at all interested, you should buy today.
PPS. Buy The Mastermind Group Model Blueprint Today, get paid by your first client in as little as 14 Days and host your first Mastermind Group Meeting in as little as 42 days from today.
Not ready to buy? 
Why not download my free guide to get you started?

How to set up and run a paid mastermind group guide covers these topics:

✓Would you like to add anything from £20,000 per annum to in excess of £100,000 to your business turnover?

✓ Are you an expert in the service that you provide?

✓ Do you want to move from one to one coaching or consulting with clients, to one to many where your results for your clients are even better than they are now?

✓ Do you want to fulfil your potential and run the best business possible so that you can live your best life, take more time off and enjoy more time with your friends and family?