Introducing the methods used by all of my clients to get a steady stream of new clients coming to them at the precise moment in time that they are ready to buy their services.
Do you want to know the precise things that you need to do to grow your business and then be shown exactly what to do, and for it not to cost the earth or take an eternity?

Are you fed up of being told that the only answer is social media, when for 99% of service business owners, social media is definitely not answer (there are much easier and far more cost effective options to grow your business)?

When you know the answer, would you like step by step practical instructions showing you precisely what you need to do to attract more clients to your business consistently?

Would you like to grow your client base, grow your profits at the same time as freeing up your time so you are not a slave to your business, but instead your business does just what it was designed to do; give you a nice income whilst allowing you to enjoy your life more?

Get instant access to all of this, just like Ciraran below, when you join The More Clients Academy.
The More Clients Academy is really good: a one stop shop of business growth resources with the option of one to one mentoring – which I thoroughly recommend.

The first Business Success Trait made me sit up and think because I am not always following it, yet I know that I should be.

The Marketing DNA Module is a really good piece of work. It changed my view of things and is a really helpful way of understanding my business, and how to market it. It has also helped me to think about my clients' businesses in a new way - so it's a gift that keeps on giving!

In particular I loved:

a. Price is not an issue.
b. Don't waste time on clients who are not a good fit.
c. Don't waste time on random networking.

I am really pleased that I joined The More Clients Academy and look forward to growing my business with Nick's support.

Ciaran McGee, Chartered Tax Adviser
Get direct access to me and my best "Get More Clients" training materials.
Would you like to have at your fingertips the expertise of someone who has been marketing service businesses full time since 2003, and manages an annual client spend of over £2,000,000 promoting a variety of service businesses, from recruitment companies to law firms, financial advisers to training companies and coaches to consultants plus everything else in-between?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, The More Clients Academy is here to help you.

I am Nick Jervis. For 14 years I was a solicitor running the marketing for the law firms that I worked for. Truth be told, I realised that I enjoyed the marketing far more than the providing of the legal services, so in 2003 I left legal practice to launch my marketing consultancy.

Well, almost.

You see, when I left in 2003 I thought it would be wrong for me to tell other business owners how to grow their business when I had not yet run one of my own. It felt hypocritical.

Therefore, I purchased a franchise selling promotional merchandise. You know the type; selling umbrellas, pens and anything else printable with the company brand on it.

I started the business territory from scratch, so I had absolutely no client base.

I undertook exhibiting, networking and cold calling in a frenzy.

It felt strange having gone from being a solicitor one day to making 70 cold calls the next. If I am honest, it was hideous.

The cold calling days used to fill me with dread, but I needed to sell, so at the time I was told it was the way to do it. I was reasonable at it. 70 calls produced 10 interested companies which would lead to three meetings and at least one sale. It was predictable, yet at the same time for me, soul destroying.

However, I knew that there had to be an easier way and I was determined to find it, just not in the promotional merchandise industry; there was simply not enough profit in it.

After a year I knew that I had enough business wherewithal to launch my consultancy business, so I did.

By this time I had tried and tested every marketing method available and I realised that there were really only two types of marketing:

  • The incredibly hard, time consuming, costly and painful types of marketing like cold calling; or
  • The easy, let them come to you when they need you type of marketing.
Nick Jervis, Founder Of The More Clients Academy.
I would strongly recommend anyone who is building up their business to sign up with Nick and More Clients Academy.

When I signed up with Nick I was completely unsure how to market my new hypnotherapy business and to be honest I also lacked the confidence to market myself. Nick brought an insightful and constructive eye to my business during a couple of very formative online meetings with me. He helped me see what the strengths of my business were, and how to market those strengths clearly and persuasively. He also provided a solid strategy for helping me to build up a following and convert that following into clients.

I often think that success is linked to momentum. If we are building up a feeling of momentum, success often naturally seems to follow. Thanks to Nick I was "in the zone", building momentum and mentally ready to pounce on the next opportunity that came. And recently it arrived: I have been able to expand my business by getting it affiliated with a leading hypnotherapy school, thus securing a stream of new clients. This has made a really big difference to my quality of life and Nick really played his part in helping me to achieve this.

So yes, More Clients Academy is worth a go. It will sharpen up your business approach. So why not sign up and see where it takes you!


Jamie Carroll.
Astrologer, Hypnotherapist &
Past Life Regressionist
I much preferred the second one; 'easy life marketing' as I like to call it.

I set about growing my consultancy business only by using the second form of marketing.

I passed six figures in year two from a standing start, so it seemed to work pretty well for me.

I started applying the same principles to my clients' businesses too and guess what; they grew incredibly well too.

More importantly, they attracted the right sort of clients who were prepared to pay the right prices (not the tyre kickers).

Maybe I was onto something, I thought?

But if I was, why were so many other people selling that to really attract clients continually to have the business of your dreams the only way to do this was to do the following:

  • Was to master the art of networking and then spend all day every day doing this? Or
  • That the answer was to immerse yourself in social media, posting every minute of every day until finally one client said they might be vaguely interested in working with you? Or
  • The Solution was to buy a huge list of data and then email it relentlessly until it produced some half-interested clients. Or
  • It is all about video. You had to do video or you would never have a business. If Gary V said it then it must be true, right?
I have another question for you.
"Would you like to know what these attraction marketing methods are that get clients coming to you when they are ready to buy and how to implement them into your business so that you can finally grow your business to the size that you desire?"
If you answered yes, The More Clients Academy will show you this and much more.

I have been encouraged to create this service for many years by many business friends, but I have always resisted because I have never wanted to be in the spotlight – I have always reserved that space for my clients. If my work with them raises them up and their business growth then I am a very happy man.

However, more and more I would attend business events and speak to dozens of businesses from totally different sectors and hear the same things:

  • “I have been trying this XXX marketing for a year now and it hasn’t produced any results, despite spending a small fortune on it. I am told though that it won’t be long and it will start working for me.”

    “It won’t work because it wouldn’t work for anyone in your service business category, why haven’t you been told that?” I would ask myself.
  • "I have been spending £10,000 a month on XXX marketing for six months Nick. When do you think I should win my first client?"

    "Six months ago! Why haven't they told you that?"
  • "I have bought all of the equipment that was recommended to me, which cost a substantial sum, but I haven't made one video yet."

    "Video isn't the answer for your type of service. If I am honest, it is rarely THE FIRST ANSWER for any business. If you don't yet have in place a website which attracts your perfect prospects, an email list which grows every month and consistently makes your telephone ring, a good referral system and are not yet using Google Ads, then Video is definitely not your answer. It can be used after all of these items are in place, but not as the 'be all and end all' answer to marketing your business."
  • "I am learning all about facebook ads. I have committed around £1,000 a month and the phone has rung a few times but no one yet has committed to buying my services."

    "Stop right now, thank you very much, as the Spicey Girls once sang! I will show you the right type of marketing for your service business. There are more cost effective and successful methods than facebook. You are probably very interested in facebook ads because someone who sells 'facebook ads training' is telling you that it has dramatically improved their profits.... it won't improve yours, unless you only sell facebook ads training that is."
Each time I heard these sad stories of business owners doing the wrong types of marketing, I would feel my blood temperature start to rise as once again here was a decent person running a service business who had been sold a complete pup. The person selling it had not considered and no doubt did not care that they had sold a system that would not produce results.

They just wanted to sell their system!

Time and time again this has happened. I am not talking a few people; I am talking hundreds of people.

I was able to answer one or two questions and know that what they were doing was simply never going to work.

If I could do this why didn't the alleged 'gurus' do this too?

I had enough.

I couldn't let these people carry on being duped.

It is not that these types of marketing don't work. Of course, they do, for the right person in the right place at the right time.

However, for most service business owners life can be so very much easier if they just undertake the two to four forms of marketing that will grow any service business to any size that the owner desires.

What's more, these methods of marketing are a lot easier than you might think.

To Know Which Types Of Marketing Will Work For Your Business, You Must Know Your Marketing DNA
First, you have to understand which of the two Marketing DNA categories your business fits into, which then leads you onto your marketing tactics that will produce your results.

This part is absolutely critical and yet I have never heard any other marketing 'gurus' discuss it, which I find astonishing because unless you know which DNA your service fits into you simply cannot know which marketing tactics will work for your business.

In The More Clients Academy I will take you through a very simple process so that you know within minutes whether your service fits into Marketing DNA group 1 or 2.

Once you know the Marketing DNA of your service business, it will be so very much easier for you to grow your business because you will know precisely which marketing methods will work for you.

So, what is The More Clients Academy?

The More Clients Academy will show you, step by step and month by month what you need to do to grow your service business.It will give you the 'Why' you need to do what you need to do, before then, in practical step by step guides showing you exactly 'How' to do what you need to do.The universal figures are that only 5% of people implement what they learn at any conference or training event. I believe that the major reason for this is not the fault of the attendee, but more that the people attending are not given the full implementation instructions, or if they are, they are so complicated that overwhelm kicks in and nothing happens.

This won't be the case if you join The More Clients Academy.

I have been told that one of my skills is making something that seems complicated very straightforward.

I will take you through each step and make it as easy as possible for you to implement what you learn. I will even explain how you can outsource much of the work and then help you to outsource to various suppliers so that you have no reason not to take action.

I have been running my business since 2003 and the only reason that I keep doing this is because I LOVE it when my clients get the results that they want to see in their business.

I want you to grow your business, so I will make it as easy as possible for you to understand what you need to do and then, more importantly, precisely how to do it.

I will provide you with all of the marketing guidance that you need, making it as easy as possible for you to follow, pointing you in the direction of more detailed instructions if you need them, or the quick fire version if you don't.

Like I said, I want you to implement, so I will give you all that you need to ensure that you can do so.

Inside The More Clients Academy I Will Show You How To:

  • Make your website turn visitors into prospects or clients (whether you hunt down 'prospects' or 'clients' is determined by your Marketing DNA);
  • How to master email marketing the EASY way so that you consistently receive enquiries for your services. Some of my clients have sent one of my emails and received 5 new clients on the same day. Others send a regular weekly email and it consistently delivers new clients to them;
  • Use LinkedIn to get your perfect prospects coming to you;
  • Use Google's latest powerful marketing tool to ensure that your business is ahead of your competition and will be very difficult to catch.
  • Use Google Ads by outsourcing it but then how to ensure your agency is doing what they need to do to make it work. I manage a spend of over £1,000,000 every year for many businesses on Google Ads and I will share my insider secrets to ensure that your Google Ads works seamlessly.
I Will Also Cover Other Vital Elements Of Running A Service Based Business, Including: 

  • My Value Based Pricing System. When I finally mastered this, charging the right price for my services became incredibly easy. It is so effective that over the course of the last 15 years I have only ONCE been asked if I can do anything about my price. My answer: "Yes, I can increase it." The client came on board at the stated price.
  • My Staff Retention Bonus System. I developed this scheme so that my clients could hold onto their best team members without giving away a share of their business. It works a treat. I have not seen anything else like it out there.
  • My Client Conversion System. How to set up your prefect client conversion system so that as many enquiries as possible turn into new clients. Your system is determined by your Marketing DNA which I referred to above. Once you know your DNA, you can then implement the right system which can transform your conversion process. When coupled with my Value Based Pricing System you can dramatically increase both the number of clients that you take on each month and the price that you are charging for your services.
  • My Daily Achievement Plan. This will help you to ensure you make the most of the opportunities to grow your business every single day.
  • My Fill Your Diary With Perfect Prospects Appointment System. This is the one I use to ensure that I always have enough clients.

The Format
I explained that I want to ensure that you take action with the information I share with you by making it easy for you to do so.

Each month I will provide you with the following:

  • The Module. One major topic covered every month to get you closer to the mastery of marketing your business to produce a steady and consistent flow of new clients.
  • The Marketing Hot Sheet – a detailed explanation on something you can do instantly to win new clients fast.
  • Member success stories. Showing you how members have taken action and achieved results to motivate you to do the same.
  • Business Success Traits. My latest learning from my many mastermind groups and my constant discussions with service business owners to shortcut your path to success.
  • Additional marketing resources. Providing you with all of the tools that you need to support you, from step by step instructions for setting up a new marketing tactic to my Ultimate Goal Setting System, video training and Members Q & A support.
  • Private One To One Mentoring. If you choose the Premium Level Membership you will receive private one to one mentoring from me. Ask me questions, request reviews of your marketing tactics, from your Website to Google Ads, and let me ensure you take the fastest action in the right places to get the best results. This price will rise dramatically after the Founder Member launch, so select Premium level membership now and lock in your low founder price for life.
Your Own Private Mentoring Room!
You will be able to get private access to me in your own private mentoring room: like having your personal business growth mentor in your pocket at all times!

Seeing as my usual consultancy fee starts at £1,450, this is highly valuable and is included in the membership if you select Premium when you join.

Here is how the private coaching works:

You'll have access to your own private mentoring room. Only you and I can see this discussion. You can post any question or any materials that you would like me to review in there for me to look at.

So far some of the mentoring I have provided has included:
  • Coming up with a completely new income stream for one of my clients; previously not considered by the owner;
  • Preparing a video review of my client's Google Ads campaign, showing them how to quickly generate more clicks with less spend to produce more client enquiries for them;
  • Reviewing a website landing page to increase conversions = more clients for no extra spend;
  • Changing my client's marketing strategy to focus on attracting the right prospects.
The Results:
Here are just some of the possibilities for you if you take action and join The More Clients Academy:
You finally understand 'Value Based Pricing' so increase your charges by £100 per transaction. When you take on 10 clients per month that is a £12,000 per annum increase in revenue. Alternatively, if you charge by the hour, you increase your hourly rate to generate the same monthly increase in income.

You set up just two automated marketing tactics that in time deliver 10 new clients per month. Each client is worth £500 per month, increasing your annual revenue by £60,000.

You learn how to connect with your perfect prospects on LinkedIn, and finally land a dream client who is worth £100,000 per annum to you.

Fill in your story – what's your goal?
Gain instant access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of growing  your business by joining The More Clients Academy today!
Get Instant access to the content, training and private mentoring to help you finally grow the business of your dreams.
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The Modules: Your Business Growth MBA Education
The Marketing Hot Sheet: One fast 'client winning' topic.
Business Success Traits: What successful business owners do to ensure that their business continues to grow.
The Q & A section covering all of the questions received about a topic.
Locking in your low priced joinin offer for life! Join today and your price will remain the same throughout your membership (despite new content being added all of the time).
Your one to one mentoring call with Nick
Your One To One Mentoring Room With Nick

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Join today, try all of the materials for 30 days and if you are not entirely happy, email me and I will provide a full refund, no questions asked.
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