Introducing the Wealth Management Marketing System To Deliver Local Clients Consistently
Would you like to access the Wealth Management Marketing System which Shan Phoenix used, who said of it:
"Nick's advice and guidance has been excellent. He cuts through all the noise and brings clarity. His focus is on what is effective and what will achieve the objective. He knows what works and what doesn't and shows you the best way to approach a strategy.

One particular aspect of marketing was hard to get my head around but Nick made everything so clear and easy to understand.

I picked up a new client from this system within a week of implementing it.

Thanks Nick."


As a former solicitor, I remember the feeling of freedom I experienced when I left my last firm of solicitors to set up my own marketing consultancy in 2003.

I no longer had to answer to anyone for how to structure my day, where to spend my day working or whether I actually chose to work at all.

I had complete freedom.

All I needed to do was to find some clients....

Is this how you felt when you set up your Wealth Management Business or took over the reins from someone else?

How To Consistently Attract Local Wealth Management Clients....
I know from speaking with many wealth management business owners that the feeling of freedom for setting up or running your own business is soon replaced by a feeling of fear when the clients don't come rushing to you.

You might have a gentle flow of leads from referrals, but year on year, it isn't moving the needle as much as you would like it to.

Whilst you are doing well, it isn't as well as you would like to be doing.

You have tried quite a few different things, yet nothing seems to make much of a difference.

The thing is, this position you find yourself in is not your fault.

They don't teach you how to win clients when you set up a wealth management business.

You know you (and your team if you have one) are excellent at the service that you provide, you just now need to become good at making your telephone ring.

However, when it comes to achieving this, which advice do you follow?

  • Do you take the advice of the guru on facebook who keeps telling you that facebook ads is the only way to generate clients?
  • Or do you listen to that video marketing lady who keeps appearing on every website you visit telling you that unless you become an expert in video marketing, you will never have any clients?
  • Or is twitter the answer; spending all day every day hammering out tweets until one day, maybe, you might win a client?
The answer is; none of the above.

You can generate a steady and consistent flow of local Wealth Management Clients with just one strategy, the strategy which I set out for you in full in The Wealth Management Marketing System.

Introducing The Wealth Management Marketing System

I am Nick Jervis. For 14 years I was a solicitor running the marketing for the law firms that I worked for. Truth be told, I realised that I enjoyed the marketing far more than the providing of the legal services, so in 2003 I left legal practice to launch my marketing consultancy.

Well, almost.

You see, when I left in 2003 I thought it would be wrong for me to tell other business owners how to grow their business when I had not yet run one of my own. It felt hypocritical.

Therefore, I purchased a franchise selling promotional merchandise. You know the type; selling umbrellas, pens and anything else printable with the company brand on it.

I started the business territory from scratch, so I had absolutely no client base.

I undertook exhibiting, networking and cold calling in a frenzy.

It felt strange having gone from being a solicitor one day to making 70 cold calls the next. If I am honest, it was hideous.

The cold calling days used to fill me with dread, but I needed to sell, so at the time I was told it was the way to do it. I was reasonable at it. 70 calls produced 10 interested companies which would lead to three meetings and at least one sale. It was predictable, yet at the same time for me, soul destroying.

However, I knew that there had to be an easier way and I was determined to find it, just not in the promotional merchandise industry; there was simply not enough profit in it.

After a year I knew that I had enough business wherewithal to launch my consultancy business, so I did.

By this time I had tried and tested every marketing method available and I realised that there were really only two types of marketing:

Nick Jervis
Solicitor (non-practising)
  • The incredibly hard, time consuming, costly and painful types of marketing like cold calling; or
  • The easy, let them come to you when they need you type of marketing.
I much preferred the second one; 'easy life marketing' as I like to call it.

I set about growing my consultancy business only by using the second form of marketing.

I passed six figures in year two from a standing start, so it seemed to work pretty well for me.

I started applying the same principles to my clients' businesses too and guess what; they grew incredibly well too.

Then I started working with a few Wealth Management Companies and I noticed it was even easier for them to market their services, as to pick up local clients one method of marketing just worked time and time again.

Most of these clients were happy to receive a few leads each month, which, with their existing following, led to consistent growth of turnover and profits year on year.

Now, for the first time, I am selling that process as a system to other Wealth Management business owners.

I will show you precisely what my existing clients have done to generate these regular client enquiries.

You may be doing a part of this process, but it is my piecing of it all together that leads to success.

At the moment, I am running a special launch offer price.

You see, I need more success stories before I can really charge what it is worth, which, bearing in mind the value of one client to a Wealth Management service provider, is likely to be at least £999.

However, if you buy it today, you can access it for only £25 plus VAT with a full 30 day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose.

All I ask is that you let me have feedback on the system once you have accessed it, used it and started to generate enquiries.


30 day money back guarantee.

Buy today with zero risk and test the system out. 

I know it works, so I don't want you to have any excuse not to buy it, and at £25, you really cannot have one, can you?
"After working with Nick on our marketing strategy we are now generating leads purely from this one marketing strategy.

Nick also carried out a fee review resulting in a fee increase of 40% and no detrimental effect to volume."